iPhone Belt Holster: How-To's
June 25, 2018

iPhone Belt Holster: How-To's

iPhone Belt holster Tips & Tricks

I may have designed this iPhone belt holster for cycling, but it's also just a really handy thing no matter what you're doing.

Major Benefits

  1. Less forgetting - Because now you always have a place to put your phone, you're not going to be putting it down everywhere you go, and you'll be much less likely to forget it. 
  2. More Quality Time - When we put our phones on the table, they get in the way of having more connections with the people sitting across from us. Now that your phone is always put away, you'll be free to connect with those around you.
  3. Less Breaking - Once you get used to your phone holster, sliding it in will become second nature. No more knocking your phone off the table or fumbling as you pick it up off the shelf. Now it'll be either in your hand or back in the holster. Simple as that!

leather iphone holster to carry phone while you're biking

How to Stretch your Phone Holster

You may find that your phone holster is tight at first. This is normal. We design them this way, to work with the natural vegetable tanned leather and its ability to stretch. You want it to stretch to fit so that it gives the perfect grip. You'll have to earn that great fit! ;)

Depending on how tight your holster is, you might need to break it in more or less, but here's some suggested activity:

  1. Wet you holster slightly from the outside
  2. Sit down to watch your favourite TV series
  3. Put the phone in and out of the holster for 10-15 minutes
  4. If this isn't enough, wet your holster some more and repeat.

leather iPhone belt holster case

How to Wear your Phone Holster

You want to make sure you're wearing the phone holster on the back half of your belt. If it's in front of you, it'll be in the way when you sit, cycle, or walk up stairs. Wear it behind the belt loop on your hip to make sure it stays behind you.



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