Around the world by bike in 12 minutes

May 31, 2019

When I completed editing this video and watched through it one last time, I started to cry. It brought back such a flood of memories and endorphins that i became over whelmed. Three years of campsites, kilometres, sidekicks, tents, hammocks, mountains, rivers, paths, cities, towns, downhills, uphills, campfires, epic cookouts and random adventures condensed into 12 minutes. When you layer on top some music I've made with friends through out the years, it hits home.

(Music > Jesse & Dave Gussin  -  Vocals > Moe Clark)

This video captures just a sliver of the 13 countries i've traveled by bike in the last 3 years. If you'd like to see more of the adventure, I share mostly on instagram as well as blogs on each of the countries i've toured.

Special thanks to Shea, Claire, Ina, Bente, Diego, Danny and all the new friends i've met along the way.

HOW TO Record your own headcam videos

I record these videos using my iphone and a head cam set-up i build while on my first tour. Everything i needed was stuff i had with me already, so it's really convenient. Here's a blog post on how to use your smartphone as a headcam

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