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May 24, 2018

How to use your smartphone as a headcam.

Wether you're recording a video to share with your friends or content for a blog, having the right tools for the job can make all the difference. Traditionally that's mean't having a higher quality device that was most certainly expensive and bulky. 

Although watching professional athletes footage helps Go-Pros' sell 1000 units per hour in 2015 , it doesn't help the consumer spend less time editing footage so you don't see that much content being produced from them. Not the right tool for most jobs.

Most of us aren't doing back flips and would prefer to use our smartphones. The quality is high enough, editing time approaches zero and you can share it right away. These days, the right tool for the job is the one we're carrying anyways and the smartphone phone is quickly becoming the preferred recording device for news anchors, family moments and blog content.

Oopsmark is no exception and I mostly use my iPhone to share our story - part of which is adventure cycling. On a bike tour through Patagonia in Argentina last year I was confronted with the challenge of how to share the experience of cycling through the Andes mountains with our followers.
I had no computer to edit footage and wondered if the smartphone camera's built in Time Lapse ( stop animation ) feature would do the trick instead and it did. ...But how do you bike up a mountain while recording with your iPhone? The solution was free, kept my phone safe while adding only 40g ( 1.4 oz ) to my touring set-up, so, i've been using it every since. Hopefully it'll help others to share their experiences in a convenient way. 

How to use your Smartphone as a HeadCam

Watch our favourite headcam cycling videos from last years trips around the world.


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