Opinel Belt Sheath & Case: How-To's
March 01, 2019

Opinel Belt Sheath & Case: How-To's

Opinel Belt Sheath Instructions

This case was designed to be as elegant and functional as the Opinel itself. On my long bike tours I don't bring a lot of stuff, but I do always bring my Opinel. In fact, that's why I designed this case in the first place. When cycling, I don't bring a stove, mostly eating picnic style, so I need quick access to my Opinel knife regularly. Now, it's always on my belt when I cycle.

Opinel leather belt sheath knife case

Although it's pretty straightforward, I wanted to put together some tips and tricks that I've used myself. If you've got other hacks, feel free to leave them in the comments below.


    1. The blade should line up with the stitches. It's not always obvious to everyone, but if you put the knife in the other way, it's not going to fit very well.

       Opinel Leather Sheath & Case

    2. Stretch to fit. We've designed the case to be snug. It has to be tight so that it will stretch around the end of the knife and fit perfectly. Depending on humidity, you might have to stretch it out a little. Here's how:
      1. Insert the Opinel knife into the case
      2. Twist the knife 20-30 deg. back and forth in each direction
      3. You might want to lightly wet the outside of the sheath to accelerate the process
      4. You may want to do this for 10-15 minutes, or until desired size is reached
    3. Wear it behind you, not in front of you. If you're wearing the case on your belt, in front of you, it's going to be uncomfortable when you sit down. Wearing it behind you keeps it out of the way and easily accessible. There's usually a belt loop on your side, so wear the belt case behind that loop to ensure it doesn't slide forward.

leather Opinel belt knife sheath


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