Everyday Belt: How-To's

June 15, 2018

Everyday Belt Instructions

Congrats on getting one of these belts, you're going to love it. It's a complete redesign of the traditional belt. Not only does it look better, and work better, it's also got a classic look so you can wear it to the office, camping, or out for drinks on the weekend. You might start wearing it every day. 

And it's not just for men! We've styled this unisex belt to look great on both men and women.

    Oopsmark leather everyday belt for men and women


    1. Tongue Length - Having a belt with an extra long tongue isn't hip, professional, or aesthetically pleasing (unless you live in the middle ages). This belt custom adjusts to your body so that the tongue is always the right length.
    2. Buckleless Design - This unique buckleless design means you don't have a bulky buckle pulling your pants forward. The buckle is replaced by a leather strap, which you can further remove for a very sleek look.
    3. Airport Efficiency - Airport security can be a pain, but you won't be setting off any alarm bells with this belt. It has such minimal steel, you can glide through the metal detector without a problem.

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