U-Lock Holster Installation: How-To's
September 12, 2018

U-Lock Holster Installation: How-To's


Congratulations, cycling just got more convenient! The U-Lock Holster is a great way to keep your lock accessible, and your ride quiet and smooth. You can install it on a front rack, rear rack, or a saddle with tabs. If you don't have saddle tabs you can always add some to your bike.

oopsmark leather u-lock holster on side of bike


Thread the straps
through the saddle tabs then thread the straps back through the holes. Make sure that the holster curves towards the back (see image 2), and that the loop are tight. This gives the holster its shape and prevents the U-Lock from hitting the frame.

Anchor the straps to the frame of the bike, on the rear brake bridge, above the rear brake. The straps should be quite tight to keep the holster in place. Trim any excess.


Recheck bolts. The tightness of your bolts may change after the leather gets wet for the first time.

    The U-lock holster can also be attached in the same way on the side of a bike rack. 

    Don't be at a loss for how to carry your U-lock.

    Click Here if you don't have saddle tabs on your seat!

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