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October 26, 2016

Bicycle Tour Via Train

It's time for another epic bike tour, this time across countries, with Shea Mayer, owner of Fitz & Follwell bike tour company. Our 5000 km voyage will be split into two parts; Montreal to Vancouver and Vancouver to Portland.

The first leg is a cross Canada train ride, on Via Rail, where we'll travel west from Montreal to Vancouver... with our bikes and touring gear. The trip is 4 days through one of the world's largest countries in the world. We'll travel through Ontario's forests and lakes, across the prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, up the foothills of Alberta and over the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia and down the other side to the coastal town of Vancouver. 

The second leg of the journey is a bicycle tour from Vancouver Canada to Portland Oregon. We'll be taking a ferry from the city of Vancouver across to the United States and then continuing along the coast. It's supposed to be pretty rainy this time of year along that coast so hopefully we stay dry.

Shea mapped our tour out to look like this. Who knows is what it will look like when we're done.

Bicycle Tour by train Montreal to Vancouver to Portland

Earlier this year, we traveled to Argentina together for 6 weeks to explore Buenos Aires on two wheels and bicycle tour through the Andes Mountains in Patagonia. We produced lots of videos and instagram content of our adventures with the hashtag #velovoyagers and plan to do the same on this trip.

Join us on our adventure!

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