Buenos Aires cycling culture infrastructure
January 17, 2016

Beunos Aires by Bicycle

Before leaving on a 4 week cycle touring adventure of Argentina, Shea and i have been here in Buenos Aries, learning about the thriving bicycle culture here and why it's so great. So we thoguht we'd share our thoughts.

In just 4 years, Buenos Aires has risen to be the 14th most cycling friendly city in the world based on the Copenhagenize index. They've clearing been puting a lot of energy into cycling infrastructure and we say no evidence of friction between cars and bikes. The roads are in great shape aswell. Beach cruisers are everywhere and the fixie scene is hopping as it's mostly flat around here. If i was living here, I'd happily ride around on my single speed coaster break.

It's been a great environment all around and I look forward to seeing how it progress when i return one day for more great wine, cycling and siestas! Tomorrow we're heading to Mendoza to tour the mountain ranges and camp where we can.

Follow our journey around Argentina and beyond.....

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