Portable Laptop stand for sitting anywhere
May 24, 2015

DIY: Squatting Computer Desk

 I went to a hackathon at one of Montreal's technology hubs, the Notman house, put on by the creative folks at the Buckminster Fuller Institute. It was a lot of fun and i got inspired to make a laptop stand out of an octahedron.


Sitting at a computer is not great for the body but you can easily do something about it. By alternating you body position while you work, you strengthen different muscles and spread the strain across your body instead of focusing it on just a couple of places. With an Octahedral Standup Desk, you can turn any table, desk or counter into a standup desk. You can also use it to squat on the floor to stretch out your lower back. It fits in a backpack and weighs nothing.

If you'd like to make one yourself, here are the instructions. If you don't have time, I'll make on for you.


How to Make an Octahedron Laptop Stand

Things you'll need

  • 1/4" ID Tubing
  • Knife
  • Rivets + Hole Punch
  • 1/4" wood dowels
DIY Laptop Stand


  1. Cut 12 pcs of tubing @ 3" each and punch holes in the middle of them
  2. Rivet the tubes together in pairs
  3. Cut 12 pcs of wood @ 14" or more (Stain it if you like with wood stain)
  4. Put it together and have fun

And if you don't have time, I'll make one for you.

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