Pedal Belt: How-To's

November 15, 2018

Pedal Belt Installation Instructions

If you've just picked up a pair of Pedal Belts, then you're in for a treat. Not only will they break in to feel like slippers, but you're going to have more power as you pedal.

oopsmark leather pedal belts straps


  1. Leather Comfort - As the leather breaks in, these babies are going to mold to your feet.
  2. Extra Power - Say goodbye to pedalling and hello to cycling. Now you'll be able to engage other muscles, you'll be more efficient, and you'll be able to go further with extra power off the line.
  3. Secure Mounting - We've upgraded the pedal belts with self locking nylon nuts to make sure they don't loosen or come off.

How To

Take a look at this quick video to understand how to install your Pedal Belts. 

Tools You'll Need

  • 4mm hex key
  • 10mm socket
  • patience
  • good attitude



Tips and Tricks for Pedal Belt installation

I must admit, the first time i installed them, I got the pedals mixed and put the left Pedal Belt on the right pedal. Take your time and get things lined up before you lock down the screws;) 

Getting the right size might take a little back and forth. Be sure to get one perfect before your start on the second one. Copy the hole pattern from one and move it to the next. 

Don't tighten the nuts too far. You'll be using tools and have mechanical advantage over the leather. It's plausible you could completely crush the leather if get all hero and try to tighten them too much.


The Pedal Belts should be a little too tight in the beginning. Since they're made of leather, there will be an initial break in period where they will loosen up a little. At the end of cycling season, you may want to tighten them one notch depending on how much stretch there's been during the season. 


The Pedal Belts are made of vegetable tanned leather.  As you may or may not no, chromium tanned leather uses harsh chemicals and tons of water. Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using vegetable oils instead, so there are no harsh chemicals and they use 5 times less water in the tanning process.

Leather Care

The leather will be able to withstand a lot of rain, just like you. You may find the it gets dry if it's getting a lot of sun. If so, you can always add mink oil to keep it hydrated. It's best to use mink oil that does not have dubbin in it. Dubbin seals the pores and prevents the leather from breathing.

Enjoy & ride safe.



Enjoy your new bike slippers!

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