The Ultimate Doggy Bag
May 13, 2014

The Ultimate Doggy Bag

Pema lives pretty large here in Montreal. If there's a hip underground gathering you can expect to find her there. Not a big shopper, but always well dressed, she is somewhat of a trend setter in her neck of the woods.

A couple of months ago, Dawn and I realized that we had to make Pema the ultimate doggy bag. She deserves it after all. We finally got around to making one the other day and we were super happy with the way it turned out.

With the Ultimate Doggy Bag, Dawn can lift Pema over puddles and escalators or keep her little paws from getting cold in the snow. Pema can now build confidence with that sense of accomplishment that you get from pitching in and doing your part by helping to the carry the groceries and supplies home that make her lavish life possible, while taking some of the load off Dawn.

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