Top 5 Headcam Cycling Videos from Argentina and the USA
May 16, 2018

Top 5 Headcam Cycling Videos from Argentina and the USA

Bicycle touring in Argentina, I stumbled across a way to turn my iPhone into a headcam and have been recording timelapse videos of bike trips every since. Here's a collection of a couple of my favourites.

The Road less traveled

That time when you there's been a landslide and the tunnel through the mountain is completely covered over. You decide to hop the fence and cycle through the forest, not knowing what you going to find. You end up on an old railroad path that's been paved over and ride it for 3 hrs through the forest, having the one of the best cycles of your life.  

Birthday Rainbow

I spend my Birthday riding towards the town of  Austoria Oregon on the eastern coast of the USA. It was a 7 day trip from Vancouver island to Portland Oregon, in the rainy season. Lucky for us it only rained once. Can you spot the rainbow?

Nothing I'd rather be doing on my #birthday. #biketour #cycling

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Get out a town!

Who knew that it was so easy to bike out of town and go camping! I'm so glad to discover this. It changed my live really. Traveling east out of Montreal, you'll come across this circular bridge. It's a sign that you've left the business of the big city behind.

Biking out to the eastern townships for some blueberry picking and came across this vortex of fun! #cycle

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Bike touring heaven

Patagonia is much like Canada but without the mosquitos!... or animals of any kind for that matter. This ride was along the region of the seven lakes during a 4 week cycle trip through the mountain range. 

PART 1: Cycling through #Patagonia seven lakes > #velovoyagers #cycling #bicycletouring

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Down hill is the best hill

There's nothing like an epic long down hilt after days on climbing.

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