How to strap a EU Megaboom to a Bicycle

October 05, 2018

Here's how you strap a speaker to your bike.

My buddy Max Poulin is an Artistic Cyclist, preforming circus and comedy routines with the help of his bike. He's often performing with a small speaker system and so, decided to strap his EU MegaBoom to his bicycle while performing some of his routines. 

How to you attach a Bluetooth Speaker to a bicycle

Max took two back pieces from the bicycle wine rack and put them together. I sell something similar for people who want to strap a thermos to their bicycle, but never imagined using it like this.

The Soul a Design: More than the sum of it's parts

Designing is all about finding that harmony between multiple elements to achieve a specific goal. Like people, these 'objects' become more than the sum of their parts and can often take on a like of their own. This is a great example of the soul of this design. Something that's made to carry a wine bottle, ends up helping Max bring comedy and showman ship to his audience.

Keep up the good work Max

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