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November 08, 2017

Denmark by Bike: Copenhagen Cycling Culture

I began my cycling sabbatical in Denmark. Copenhagen is one of the most cycling friendly cities in the world, so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about and hopefully learn a thing or two.

The first cyclists I saw, on my cycle from the airport to the city center where holding hands. I couldn't stop laughing. Clearly they have some next level cycling skills. They can also operate telephones while biking and rarely wear helmets.

I stayed with composer Mikael Tobias during my stay in Copenhagen. He makes the first track in the above video. It was a great way to start my trip. The night life was extremely healthy, the Kebabs where top notch. I know because I ate a lot of them. Food was pretty expensive there. Data was extremely cheap though. I think i paid about 20$ for 30 gigs of data. Seriously. You could live stream your life with that kind of data. I did one live stream biking around.

Copenhagen is a 'beer on the street' kind of place, but i didn't see anyone abusing that. They're much more mature with their alcohol than North Americans. The average Dane drink 80 litres of beer a year in fact.

The city was multi cultural and everyone seemed to be getting along. In fact everyone was very friendly. The Danes are like retired pirates. More than once i was cornered by a drunk Dane telling me some epic tale. Friendly experience where a breeze.

I could move to Copenhagen tomorrow and we pretty happy. 




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