Bicycle Handle Installation Instructions
February 01, 2017

Bicycle Handle Installation Instructions

Bicycle Handle

The Bike Handle is very easy to install and it's going to make your life a lot easier.


  1. Stairs are easier - Easily lift your bike up and down the stairs.
  2. Fits standard frames - No holes need to be drilled in your bike frame for this to work.
  3. Clean hands - No more greasy hands from holding your bike frame too close to the shifter.
  4. Clean clothes - Lifting your bike by the shoulder is great, but you'll often get grease on your clothing. It's just not worth it!

Tools Required

  • 2 screw drivers ( slot )
  • good attitude

Tips and Tricks for Bicycle Handle Installation

The most important thing to consider when installing your bike handle, is the positioning. When you pull on it to lift your bike, it shouldn't be putting any pressure on and critical components, like cables or gear shifters. Normally you can slide the handle underneath the cables so it doesn't tug. If you have a gear shifter on the vertical tube of your frame, you'll want to position the handle above it. Once you've got it all in position, be sure to tighten it as much as you can. The fasteners are solid brass, so they should lock tightly into each other. Additionally, you can always use lock-tight or nail polish to lock it down more permanently.


The Bicycle Handle is made of vegetable tanned leather. You'll be happy to know, we source this leather from a tannery that has a gold star certification for the environmental friendliness of the their process. As you may or may not no, chromium tanned leather uses harsh chemicals and tons of water. Vegetable tanned leather is tanned using vegetable oils instead, so there are no harsh chemicals and they use 5 times less water in the tanning process.

Leather Care

The leather will be able to withstand a lot of rain, just like you. You may find the it gets dry if it's getting a lot of sun. If so, you can always add mink oil to keep it hydrated. It's best to use mink oil that does not have dubbin in it. Dubbin seals the pores and prevents the leather from breathing.

Enjoy & ride safe.


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