Intro touring bicycles 101 explained classic
January 10, 2016

Cycle Touring 101: An intro to touring bicycles

Last year I bit the bullet and started looking into cycle touring. I'd been getting around town for years on a single speed with coaster brake ( that means no gears ) and wanted to get myself a bike that could carry more and go further.  Luckily, my buddy Shea owns a bike shop in Montreal and offered to show me the ropes when it comes to bike touring. We decided to take a short ride up Mont Royal and make a video of our conversation for anyone that’s curious about cycle touring.

Cycling all Summer

Shortly after recording this video, I ended up buying a touring bike, borrowed some panniers from friends and hit my first weekend camping trip. Shortly after i bought my own bags and continued to tour most weekends throughout the summer and into the fall. 

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