Made in Montreal Documentary S1E2

Here in the MileEnd we have the highest number or artists per capita in all of Canada. The neighbourhood, which was once home to a thriving textile industry, has since become the home base for for artists and makers of all kinds. I moved my workshop here 4 years ago to be part of the community and learn the tricks of the trade from peers. 

The documentary series Made in Montreal tours the city discovering neighbourhood to find the makers and see what makes them tick. In S1E2 they venture to the MileEnd and stopped by our workshop to talk with me (Jesse Herbert) about Oopsmark and what it's like to me a maker here. They also met with some of my friends; black smith Jacques Gallant and fashion designer Jennifer Glasgow.

So, have a listen to my conversation on Alex Carruthers about being a maker and get a sneak peak into my leather workshop and we handmake bicycle wine racks and have a scrap parties.

Oopsmark is a t 16:42, but i highly recommend watching the whole thing.


Learn more about oopsmark

Learn more about the bicycle wine rack

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