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September 23, 2014

The Grapple Clothing Hook

I've always had a chair in my bedroom, and more often than not, it ended up being the base of Clothes Mountain rather than a place for me to sit. I desperately needed a place to hang my pants that wasn't on the floor and to keep them from getting wrinkled... That's where the Grapple Hook comes in.

The Grapple Clothing Hook is a minimal organizational system that you can hang from the ceiling. Its low profile and doesn't take up any wall space, so you can hang it pretty much anywhere. Two steel hooks rotate and stay put thanks to a sleek strip of coiled vegetable tan leather, creating a three-dimensional, four-pronged hook that resembles a grappling hook. Finally, my boyish Ninja fantasies can be fulfilled (if only to hang my pants on)! I guess I also watch too many Cowboy movies, and the two hooks are actually horse tack that are hung in barns to store saddles when they are not in use. Cowboys versus Ninjas, now there's a movie I would definitely watch...

unique clothing hook grapple hanger

I hung a Grapple Clothing Hook from the ceiling in my bedroom, and it helps me keep my jeans and pants organized; off the floor and off the bedroom chair. We also have one in the Oopsmark shop front entrance to hang up our coats and bike helmets. It's a super easy way to keep everything looking clean and organized, and it keeps my clothes from getting wrinkled. A simple, bold and elegant addition to any vestibule, front entrance, or bedroom!

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