World Naked Bike Ride Montreal
July 22, 2014

Less Gas, More Ass: International World Naked Bike Ride

Being naked on a bike? We were a bit skeptical too. The World Naked Bike Ride is an international event that takes place in 10 cities in 20 countries for cycling advocacy and to encourage alternative modes of transportation. As city cyclists, how could we not want to be involved? Oopsmark Sidekick Veronica was repping at the International World Naked Bike Ride in Montreal a few weekends ago, on Saturday, July 5th, giving away free Bicycle Wine Racks to people who were brave enough to bare it all (or bare most of it) to help increase cyclist visibility in cities and help create a body-positive environment for all.


We've all heard that cycling makes us happier, and that cycling is in fact safer than driving, yet many are still hesitant to take to two wheels, let alone while naked. Many inexperienced cyclists feel uneasy biking near cars, and often cities lack the infrastructure to help cyclists feel safe. Events such as the World Naked Bike Ride draw attention to the plight of cyclists, many of who chose to bike instead of drive for the lowered environmental impact and the greater health benefits. The more cyclists come together, the greater the power they will ultimately wield in the decisions being made on municipal levels. This summer, the city of Toronto unveiled an app for cyclists, to help determine the cycling patterns of the city’s bicycle commuters in order to influence the construction of future cycling infrastructure.

You can wear the Everyday Belt and the iPhone Holster even when you're not wearing pants!


Montreal has been ranked the number one bike-friendly city in North America, coming in at number 11 internationally on the Copenhagen Index. This city is developing quickly, with major construction going down on many of the city’s main roads and urban areas. Events such as the World Naked Bike Ride help remind other citizens that cyclists are here too, and that we need to share the road in order for it to be safer for everyone. 

Have fun out there, cyclists!


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