This ain't no 90s iphone holster

I honestly never thought I would be wearing a phone holster, let alone designing one. Phone holsters were the fanny pack of cell phone accessories, reminding me of stuffy business men carrying around their bulky Palm Pilots in a bulky holster that was clipped onto the front of their belt. As phones got smarter, so did I. I began to see the value in having my phone readily accessible, since I'm always using it for work and to stay connected, often while cycling. Like the fanny pack, the phone holster is a very useful tool; it just needed a redesign. That's where I come in.

As I cycled around town, I noticed how awkward it was to keep sticking my hand in my pockets when I wanted to check a map or answer a text at a red light. This appeared to be a common problem: people fishing around in the pocket of their skinny jeans for their phone and having to take it out of their pocket in order to sit down - or accidentally sitting on it!

The design leaves the headphone jack accessible so that you can listen to music, use GPS while biking, or talk on the phone handsfree with microphone headphones. The slim leather holster slides onto your belt, so you can position it anywhere for comfort or accessibility, while keeping as close to the body and belt as possible to reduce any bulk. We made a lot of prototypes over the last 6 months, and we are proud to say that this is the slimmest, most minimal phone holster that wins mega style points. 

Modern society is one of hyper-connection, and no longer are those stuffy businessmen the only ones constantly on their phones, it's all of us. We're walking around with mini computers in our pockets, capable of connecting with anyone on the planet instantaneously and accessing unbelievable amounts of information with a few taps of our fingers. The iPhone Holster removes the awkward fumbling for your phone, and makes staying connected readily accessible.


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