trick fixie bike tricks tom mosher
May 09, 2014

Bicycle Wine Rack vs the Trick Fixie

My buddy Tom works or Mosher Origianals in Toronto and I caught up with him a few weeks back on a short trip to the big TO. A jack of many trades, he founded Mosher Originals, a line of doggy gear handmade in Toronto out of new and recycled materials, and he's got some pretty sweet bike tricks up his sleeve.

I've always wanted to have Tom help me put the Bicycle Wine Rack through the ultimate performance test. I wanted to know what would happen if we strapped in a bottle of wine, and had the wine rack accompany a master Trick Fixie rider through a series of tricks. 

What do you think will happen; will the bottle of wine survive, or just end up as another broken bottle on the ground?

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