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March 20, 2014

How to take Handoramas with iPhone pano

These pictures where taken by the people in them using an iPhone pano and a handoff.

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I caught up with my friend Stephanie Audet to learn about raw food and do a little exploring. I'd decided to leave my SRL back in Montreal as my new iPhone 5S takes such great pictures. Early on in the trip we started experimenting with the iPhone pano feature and found a way that we could takes pictures and both be in the frame without the pictures all looking like selfies.  The scenery there is amazing so it was nice to make it the focus on the pictures instead of us. I started calling them handoramas because it's a panorama with a hand-off ;) Here's how we did it.....

How to take a Handorama using iPhone pano

  1. Begin taking an iPhone pano of your friend while they pose for the camera
  2. Hand-off the phone to your friend when you're approaching half way through the pan and they're out of the frame. Be as smooth as possible.
  3. Get in position to be photographed as the camera spins through the second half of it's panorama.

Here are some of the handoramas we took in Hawaii!

Mauna kea Hawaii

Mauna Kea is the highest point in the United States and is twice as high as Mont Everest from base to summit. It's hight above sea level is about the same as that of Everest Base Camp. Coming from sea level we felt pretty intoxicated by the lack of oxygen in the air.

Mermaid Pond

This wonderful spot is known as mermaid pond. Waves are crashing marvellously and water sparkles. Definitely the bath tubs of mermaids.


Sunset at the Seaview lawn make the east side end of day so colourful. Just picture the sunrise now!

Pele Worship

Pele, Goddess of the Kilauea volcano, is the burning heart of Hawaiian mythology. Please, pay her respect and remember that she doesn't favour those who take lava rock home with them.

Hawian Shaka

The 'hang loose' or 'Shaka' gesture conveys understanding, friendship, compassion and the 'Aloha Spirit'. It originated in the Native Hawaiian culture and was later adopted by the surfing community.


We made 10 litres of fresh juice to fuel us through a music festival. Most of the fruits we used came from the property we were staying on. Stephanie is a superstar raw chef so it's no surprise that she goes down to Hawaii so often, where else could you get all these fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Sun bathing on volcanic rock

On the isle of Hawaii, you can find 8 of the world 13 climactic zones and lots of lava flow. Imagine, having breakfast on a jungle beach, lunch in the snow and dinner on the green breezy pasture.

Green Sands Beach South Point Hawaii

South point is the most southern point of the United States. We walked through some arid desert for the reward of this pristine green sand beach. The rare beauty of this olivine abundance will make you feel like you're living the dream.

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