how to carry a yoga mat leather strap
November 18, 2013

How to Carry a Yoga Mat

Balance is key to yoga, but there's nothing zen about wrestling to balance a hot cup of coffee and an awkwardly shifting yoga mat. 

How to not carry a yoga mat

We caught up with Elizabeth to explore different ways to not carry your mats. As owner of Naada Yoga here in Montreal, we hoped she'd be able to show us the full range of possibilities. 


The Happy Baby

Achieved by complaining so loudly that a yoga buddy carries the mat to class for you.


Full Boat Pose

Performed by wildly rocking back and forth trying to juggle, wallet, bag and cell phone amidst the refreshing spray of one's overflowing cup of coffee!


The Superman

Performed by wrapping a yoga mat around the shoulders, resulting in a dashing looking ensemble!

How to carry a Yoga mat leather strap

The Strapping Warrior

This simple sequence is completed by securing your mat to your shoulders with the yoga mat strap, and traveling to practice in a state of zen while the vegetable tanned leather brings you good karma!

leather yoga handmade strap

In conclusion while there are many ways to carry a yoga mat, some are easier than others! We designed this yoga mat strap so that you can keep it simple and have your hands free. If you'd like to get one of your own, check out the link below. Thanks again Elizabeth!


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