The Yoga Games

When my name was drawn in my district for The Yoga Games, I was afraid. To win you need to be the most resourceful, the best hunter, and the most capable of holding a forearm standing scorpion pose indefinitely while knives whiz by your head. The competition is brutal.


But then I remembered I had something the others lacked; the yoga mat strap. While my peers are fumbling to carry their mats under their arms or in their muddy hands, I'll be scaling walls and climbing trees easily with my mat secured to my body with my handy handmade yoga mat strap.


Instead of actually dying during corpse pose, I'll be prepared to whip out an arrow and shoot something else.


But seriously, yoga isn't a game, and neither is life. You'll have to have your hands free if you want to win...or talk on your cell phone...or carry a bottle of kombucha. We designed this simple yoga mat strap so you can keep your hands free for whatever life throws your way.

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