bixi bike shared bike system upcycled into a speaker
January 25, 2013

Bixi Bike Speaker

 If you’re not familiar with Bixi Bike, it’s probably because you don’t have them in your city yet. No need to worry, I’m sure you’ll have them soon. It’s a public bicycle sharing system similar to Commune Auto or Zipcar, but for bicycles.

A little while ago I found a Bixi bike stand all alone on the side of the road. It looked so lonely all there by itself so I took home with me. Wouldn’t you? I contacted Bixi to come pick it up but they seemed focused on the success of their program and didn’t have time to come get it. So, naturally, I wanted to make something out of it.


In my workshop, there’s always music playing and it’s an important part of my work environment, so I turned the bixi chassis in into a speaker cabinet. The front is curved plexiglass that’s constantly in tension to hold the two 6″ drivers rigidly in place. I kept the plexiglass clear so the drivers look like they’re floating and one can still admire the elegance of the dock itself. Definitely one of my favorite found objects.

Thanks Bixi for the speakers!


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