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April 19, 2016


Have you ever taken your bicycle on a plane?


Bicycle on Plane

Participate in this independent poll to help determine which airlines takes care of cyclists and their bikes the best.

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January 17, 2016

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Beunos Aires by Bicycle

Here's why Buenos Aires has skyrocketed to being the 14th most cycling friendly place in the world. View Article →
January 16, 2016


Tee-Pee Touring and so on

Bicycle touring by Tee-Pee in Quebec Petit Train Du Nord VeloVoyagers

It turns out that Quebec has bike paths all through the countryside all over the province - they go by the name La Route Verte and they're beautiful.

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January 10, 2016

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Cycle Touring 101: An intro to touring bicycles

I wanted to get into to cycle touring and asked tour company owner Shea Mayer to tell me... View Article →
November 23, 2015


How Often Does She Wash Her Pants?

We hit the streets on Montreal to find out..... View Article →
November 02, 2015

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What makes the perfect baguette?

perfect baguette on a bicycle

Is there a difference between a bakers baguette and a large grocery store baguette? We found that... View Article →
October 19, 2015


7 Ways to Slim Your Wallet

That overstuffed wallet that you're carrying in your back pocket is not only adding unnecessary stress to your day-to-day, it's also putting you at risk for developing

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August 11, 2015


Artisanal Circus Cycling Tricks with Wine

The Cirque de Soleil 30th birthday party was, as you would imagine, amazing. There was amazing food, a ferris wheel, tightrope walking, and Paul McCartney giving his

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May 24, 2015


DIY: Octahedral Standup Desk

Turn any desk or counter into a standup desk. For complete instructions.... View Article →
May 01, 2015


How Cycling is Changing the Face of the Cities

Wall of bikes

Over half the world’s population (54%, to be exact!) live in cities and according to the UN, this statistic will jump to 66% by 

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