1. Fit: The strap is designed to be snug so that when it stretches, it will be the right size and not too loose. The first couple times you put a wine bottle in it it will feel a little snug and the first couple of times you connect and disconnect it from the metal post it will feel a little snug.
  2. Leather: Don’t be afraid to rub down the rack with olive oil once a year to keep the leather slightly moist. The material is a vegetable tanned leather that will change in colour and feel depending on how often you use it. It will darken with sunlight significantly.
  3. Clamp: The clamping system is meant to be snug enough to keep the leather from moving around. It’s not invincible so don’t tighten the clamp harder than you need to.
  4. Recycled: If you purchased your rack between April 28th – mid-May 2011, then congratulations, your brass knobs are recycled! I found them in a scrap recycler here in Montreal. Thanks for supporting a new way of making things.

Watch the Blindfolded Installation Video


  1. Remove the screws and unthread the straps from their holes
  2. Thread the straps through the tabs on the back of the saddle, from the top. Make sure that the holster curves towards the back (see image 2), this gives the holster its shape and prevents the U-Lock from hitting the frame.
  3. Thread the straps back through the holes. The loops holding the holster to the tabs must be tight.
  4. Anchor the straps to the frame of the bike, on the rear brake bridge, above the rear brake. The straps should be quite tight to keep the holster in place. Trim any excess.