How Often Does She Wash Her Pants?

Ever since designing the grapple clothing hook, I've been noticing I'm getting more wears out of my pants between washes. It got me wondering, how many times do people wear their pants before washing them? I decided to take to the streets of Montreal to find out.


So how often do people wash their pants? I got a wide range of answers, anywhere from 3 days to 30 wears before washing. Some people got pretty sheepish when asked, especially if they couldn't actually remember when the last time they washed their pants was. Many where adamant about the fact that you weren't supposed to wash your jeans that much, if at all. Who knew?

Online, the consensus for jeans appears to be 3 - 4 wears on average. But then there's people like Carl Chiara, director of brand concepts at Levi Strauss & Co., who only washes his jeans every six months! According to Chiara, we shouldn't even wash our jeans because they'll loose their custom moulded shape.


So, how does one avoid doing laundry?

Spot Clean

You can get by with touch ups on the occasional spot and stains using a stain remover.

Exposure to Sunlight

Make the most of a sunny day and give your pants a suntan. Sunlight will kill odor causing bacteria more effectively than other methods like tossing them in the freezer according to human ecology professor Rachel McQueen

Air Them Between Wears

Airing out your pants between each wear keeps them fresh by preventing bacteria growth. Folding up freshly worn pants and putting them in drawer will just encourage odor causing bacteria to grow. A friend of mine who works in cinema wardrobe says that hanging up your pants and spraying them with vodka is also a great way to kill bacteria.

    Reduce Wrinkling

    If you're like me, you wash your pants mostly because they're wrinkled from being scattered wherever they happen to land at the end of the day. Let's face it, I'm not going to iron my pants, so they end up going in the wash.


    Hang your pants

    Hanging your pants by the belt loops accomplishes two things: 1. It's the best way to avoid wrinkles and 2. it also gives them a chance to air out. 

    I love that keeping my room clean has also resulted in doing less laundry. It turns out that by airing out my pants between wears and keeping them wrinkle free, I'm able to wear my pants way more often between washes. This is saving me time, money, and it's better for the planet. Everybody wins! Plus, it adds a touch of "warrior chic" to my bedroom. 


    If you ever wanted to hang your clothes from a grapple hook, now's your chance!



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