A Smartphone Stand For the Hyperconnected Geek Super-Chic

I can't be the only one who likes to watch Netflix in the bathtub, or Skype with my friends in faraway places while eating breakfast. Trying to make sure my Smartphone doesn't fall in the bath, or trying to prop it up on the container of orange juice in the morning is no easy feat. I realized that, sometimes, my smartphone needed a stand because I was busy using my hands for something else. 

The Smartphone Bangle is a geek chic accessory for the ladies (see the Smartphone Bracelet for a leather, more rugged version). It holds it's own as a wooden bangle, a simple accessory that’s stylish enough to get noticed, or you can stack and layer it with other bracelets for a bolder look. The way it works is simple: take it off when you need a stand, rinse, repeat. 

Sure, our hands have traditionally accomplished this task, but hands-free technology doesn’t need any fancy hardware or software. You could add to this list of reasons we love using the Smartphone Bangle:

  1. Netflix in the bathtub – Rest the bangle on the tub edge for front-row seat viewing
  2. Catching up your daily news reading while eating lunch
  3. FaceTime with a faraway friend during dinner – Sometimes it’s the only time we have!
  4. Playing your boyfriend a ukulele love song for his birthday via Skype (an old roommate did this)
  5. Referencing a recipe in the kitchen using the many awesome cooking apps

The bracelet itself is made from a piece of lightweight, eco-friendly and sustainable tropical hardwood. We treated and distressed the wood in our shop before cutting the bangle's distinct grooves. That's where your smartphone sits.

These bracelets will fit any smartphone that is no more than 7mm thin. For comparison, the iPhone 4S (yes, that old thing) is 7mm thin and phones have just been getting thinner since then.

Our smartphones can do almost anything a computer can do, and in many instances they are way more convenient than carrying around a laptop at all times. Front-facing cameras and free services such as Skype and FaceTime have made it easier to connect face-to-face, even though we can’t always be there in person. The ability to sync our devices so that our Netflix subscription can be used on our phone is a pretty great feature of app and streaming technology. The future is now!


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