DIY Sandals for the Camino de Santiago

Our friend Jennifer is walking the 700km Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage trail through Spain. Since she is embarking on such a special journey, I wanted to collaborate with her on something that she could take along with her and would be a useful part of her adventure. Any old pair of shoes can accompany you on a walk but it felt appropriate to help her make a pair of custom sandals that would fit her perfectly and protect her feet every step of the way.

It is quite a journey it itself to wear these sandals; you have to learn how to walk with no arch support and it is quite a new sensation to feel the ground under your feet. There is a definite wearing in period, where the leather takes the shape of your foot and forms to fit you perfectly; they could even be downright uncomfortable at first. Once your sandals have worn in, walking feels so natural, comfortable and grounded. The sandals felt like an appropriate symbol for Jennifer’s journey, and they turned out great. We can’t wait to hear of her travels and see how her sandals held up after 40 straight days of walking.

We are planning to host many sandal making workshops throughout the summer. Friends, makers and members of the community are invited to stop by the shop and feel the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with working with your hands, customizing your life, and walking out the door in a pair of shoes that they made. 


Want to be a part of the next one? If you're in the Montreal area (or ever find yourself in the city looking for something fun to do!) join the Facebook group dedicated to announcing these and other workshops.

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