DIY Smartphone Sleeve

I was talking with my buddy Massimo and it turned out that his sister had a little problem. She loved her iPhone, but she also liked to throw it in her purse along with pointy things like keys and pens that scratched it up. We decided to make her a custom leather smartphone sleeve using some distressed leather that had a ton of character. What we came up with turned out to be both a practical and elegant solution. It didn't take us long, so I bet you could whip up something too!

DIY Smartphone Sleeve:

If you're thinking of making one yourself, I highly recommend it. Here's a quick breakdown to get you started. Have fun creating!


1. Cut a leather square: Make sure it is longer than your cellphone is tall, and at least twice as wide plus an additional 1". You'll be able to cut of any excess after assembly.

2. Mark Holes: Evenly mark holes on one side and punch them out with a leather punch.

3. Transfer holes. Fold the leather over the cellphone and transfer the holes with pen so you can punch them out to match on the opposite side.

4. Hammer Time: Insert your two part rivets and hammer them on a hard surface. Marble is preferable, but you can use steel as well.

5. Cut the pouch to length: Insert your phone and mark where you'd like to cut off any excess. Trim your leather on the marks.

6. Trim Excess: You may want to round the corners or trim further.

leather smartphone sleeve

Solutions should work with your lifestyle instead of requiring you to modify it. If you want to toss your phone in a purse without thinking about it, the trick is to come up with a simple fix to make that easy. It doesn't hurt if your solution looks great too!

diy smartphone sleeve

Can't wait to see what you make! 


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