Homework for Montreal's Striking Students

Tonight I hear the familiar sounds of helicopters hovering above. It reminds me of two things; living in the United States and the student strike of 2012 in Montreal. It looks as though the student tuitions will, in the end, be increasing so students are taking to the streets, again. Apparently Pauline Marois isn't making the change she promised her voters during her election. Obviously they're not happy.

Let's put aside our opinions about whether student tuitions should go up or not and take a moment to look at the way in which citizens are attempting to make that change.

The Montreal student strike of 2012 involved traditional physical marches and protest. That year, over 100,000,000 student hours where spent asking the provincial Government to change their course to no avail. Among other achievements, the grass routes movement was effective in peacefully staging "the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history" on May 22 with upwards of 500,000 protesters and no arrests. Although impressive, none of these efforts resulted in the desired outcome.

Obviously citizens believe that the government should be representing their values, but that does not appear to be the case. We've learned that asking the Government, through protest, is not an effective use of resources and is not achieving the goal of lower tuition.

How do we make change in 2013?

Well, lucky for us, there's been a little invention called the Internet. It allows individuals or groups the power to change culture based on the quality of their message. If a message meets the approval of the current culture, it can be widely circulated and educate peoples on your point of view. If this message persists it begins to change culture.

The most effective way to achieve this is with visual media such as pictures or video. Luckily, there has been another great invention called the smartphone which allows us to take both photos and video. We have everything we need, so let's start affecting culture and making change.



Make creative videos or pictures to educate citizens on your message and share your media on the Internet.

Choose from some of the following messages or create your own.

  1. "Cheap education is important because _______"
  2. "Education could be cheaper if _________"
  3. "Schools would work better if ________"
  4. "An educated population is important because _______" If you allow yourself 4hrs to produce each message, your team of 200,000 students should be able to produce 400,000 media products per day. Points will be given for creativity, positivity and the quality or your product.


Happy creating!

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