One of a Kind Show in T.O.

So I headed off to the Toronto One of a kind show this year to try it out. It was great. There where so many creators there. The response from Toronto was amazing. I sold out of Smartphone Bracelets and almost cleared my usb bracelet stock – next time I’ll bring some more. There where lots of buyers too so it was all worth it. One customer wanted a bicycle wine rack for their baby carriage so we tried it out and it fit!

I spent the weeks leading up to it building a custom booth that would be easy to transport and set up. I got a little carried away and built a hidden wiring system into the display frames so that I could power LED strips inside some of the bottles. It turned out really well. Tons of people thought that I was selling bike lights made of wine bottles which made for some interesting conversations. The booth also included a holder for an iPad so I could display a slideshow of images and cool lamp made from a bicycle wheel and a couple bottles of wine.

I stopped by to see my friends at YNOT Cycle and they printed out my logo on some orange that matched my booth perfectly. It was a nice touch and helped add a little bit of urban feel to the booth. In the end, it was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I usual do shows by myself, but this time I was lucky to have my friend Andi on board. It was so much more fun having a partner in crime. Thanks Andi!