Cirque de Soleil for Christmas

Spending time working in the R&D costume division of the Cirque de Soleil was the best Christmas present ever. In the months leading up to Christmas I felt like one of Santa’s elves, just pumping out the bicycle wine racks for all the good little boys and girls. A lot of people must have been asking Santa for wine racks. I was really busy, but that's a good problem to have :)

Sometime in November I got a call from one of my old studio mates asking if I could come and work at the Cirque headquarters for a month. … I couldn’t say no to that. He’d been working at Cirque de Soleil in the R&D department of the costume division (yes division, it’s a rather large company). They’re group was asked to produce some of the wearable electronics for the Micheal Jackson show but they didn’t have the man power to get it done and they needed someone to help out. I spent my days working at Cirque and my evenings and weekends in my studio pumping out wine racks. I was barely able to keep up to the demand, but somehow it worked out.Needless to say, the people where amazing and I had a lot of fun. Not only is the food in the cafeteria amazing, but there’s free coffee machines everywhere. It was great to see how one of the most creative organizations in the world works. People seemed pretty happy to be working there.

[Right] is a picture of one the costumes I made electronics for.

Christmas on Sale

In a curious chain of events, I got a last minute request to participate in the Christmas sale where Cirque employees sell their wears. The handy work was pretty amazing and I couldn't help but pick up a couple of Christmas gifts myself. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside to be able to show my portfolio to the creators at Cirque.



Noel @ Cirque

In Montreal, Cirque de Soleil is know for having free coffee and amazing parties. The owner, Guy La Liberte has a reputation for making sure people have a good time. Lucky for me, I got to attend this years christmas party. The main campus was transformed into a never ending adventure to explore with ropes hanging from the ceiling, swings, alcohol, pocker chips, pistachios and lots of live music.

We later ascended to the top level of the tower to dance the night away on the dance floor that dreams are made of. Not only was it 9%0 women dressed up and having fun, but it had this really interesting architectural feature [left]. There was a glass cone that came right down through the middle of the room, allowing snow to fall down into the lower levers. It serves to be both an atrium and for grey water collection. It felt like it was snowing in the room.

That was my first experience with Cirque – hopefully the first of many :)

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