Electro Swing DJ of the future

When my buddy Eli hops on his decks, he’s Dj’s using the bracelets I made him. Instead of carrying around records or a computer or even CD’s, he wears two bracelets that carry all the music he needs for the night – one for each of his Pioneer CDJ Turntables.


When I go to his shows I always come home with a smile of my face. I’ve usually danced so hard that I feel like I’ve just run a 10Km and smiled so much that my face hurts. The music is Electro Swing and the vibe is amazing. Here's what it sounds like.....


Where did this idea come from?

The inspiration for this cuff came several years ago from a music project I have with
my good friend Dave Gussin under the name musicfirm. We wanted to give something tangible to the fans that wanted to support us, so we sold a box set of our music on a usb cuff i designed. I liked the idea and wanted to make it better.
Since then, the design has evolved quite a bit to say the least. After several months of trying to find elegant usb keys, I couldn’t find any keys that didn’t look like toys or from the 80′s. I wanted something that would make a good tool. It was clear that I’d have to get some keys custom made, so that’s what I did. The keys used in this cuff are stainess steel and super durable.


Research & Development + Testing = Solid

Destructive testing of things was the best part of being an engineer and it doesn’t take much convincing to get me to break something. With these keys, I wanted to know how there where going to where on a person, so I tried to break them with water. I wore one of these keys on a necklace for about two months and never took it off. I wore it 24-7, including in the shower and then tested it everyday to see if it still worked. So far it’s still going strong. I don’t know if i’d go deep sea diving with it, but in my experience, it’s waterproof.
The closure on the back uses threaded posts that can be repositioned to make the fit just right. I’m particularly happy with these posts because they’re low profile so they don’t bang on a laptop when you’re typing.

How are people using it?

It puts a smile on my face to see someone like Eli (right) using some of my gear to be creative, and people are using them for all sorts of other things. A lot of people say that they don’t wear watches anymore and want to rock a bracelet at work. Becasue this cuff is a work tool, it just makes. No one can argue with you that it’s not profession, it’s next generation professional.  


How are you using your usb bracelet?

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