Top 7 reasons to design a bicycle wine rack

Seven reasons to design a bicycle wine rack

7. You have 800 little brass knobs you picked up at a scrap yard and need to make something with them

6. Bicycle commuting is up 43% since 2000 and people still need to transport wine

5. Cause the girl you love thinks biking it hot

4. To make biking even more fun

3. To get free cases of wine from Masi

2. To get in Playboy magazine

1. Everybody wants one.

How did this get started?

My friend Marc sent me a link on facebook one day for a beer carrying case for your bike. The design seemed a little problematic but the concept would work much better with a wine bottle.


The rest of the day was spent prototyping the concept with an empty bottle. I was eager to see how it would work with a full bottle, and I was getting thirsty, so I headed over the to  liquor store with an empty bottle in the strap. I locked my bike out front and ran in to get some red wine to have with dinner. When I arrived at the counter to pay, there was no one to help me because they where all up at against the window looking out at something – the bicycle wine rack. I payed for the wine with a huge smile and headed outside to find a couple of people taking pictures of my bike with the rack on it. It seemed like I was on to something.

The design improved a lot over the next couple days to the point where it was ready so I took some pics and sent them off to the blog design*sponge - then all hell broke loose.

On August 28th the first blog article was posted on design*sponge and it quickly spread through the web. On the first day there where 3000 tweets from that article alone.

Here’s a couple of metrics I pulled together four months after the fact: 

  • google search: “Bicycle wine rack” yields 271 000 search results
  • google search: “Oopsmark” yields 26 000 search results
  • Etsy page: 111 605 views, 1 577 admirers & 119 Treasury lists
  • 7K in sales the first week
  • 1 episode of the today show

Best of all, it even made it into Playboy. Playboy actually does have good articles  (below: Poland and Serbia)

Before the BWR I’d been working on a project to deliver musicians music to people on USB jewellery. Funny how things work out sometimes. All in all, it’s been a great experience and I’ve learned tons.


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