Silver on black bicycle wine rack

Hunting for recycled hardware is part of the gig and it's always fun. Recently I found 144 silver knobs so I made a limited series of 77 silver on black bicycle wine racks.

When I walked into this "junkyard", I was greated by the jolly fellow who works there. I tried thanking him for the cuban cigars he gave me last time I was in, but he was far too excited to listen. He wanted to show me something.......a bag of 144 silver knobs. They where exactly like the original 800 I'd used to fuel the bicycle wine rack project, but were chrome instead of brass. Perfect.

I hand died the wine racks black to produce a clean looking silver on black. Because they're only 77 of them I ended up hand stamping a different number into each of them to add to their uniqueness. They look great.

Sold out!

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