...Camera. Action.


With such a successful summer for the bicycle wine rack, I wanted to make a video. The goal was give the viewer a sense of how the rack works to they might be inspire to think of how they would use it. Some where concerned about whether wine would fall out of the rack so it'll be nice for them to see how solid it is.

I wasn’t sure how to get a video done until I saw one of Steven Schmuley’s videos. I loved the way he capture moments and told the story.  We had our ideas but all the greatest parts of the video where conceived on the fly! Keep your eye on Steve, I think he’s going to continue to do great things. Working with him was a pleasure and I loved the creative process.

We had a lot of elaborate ideas but both felt it would be better to be more natural. Working away at the studio, getting a text from a friend, stopping by my favourite deppaneur for some wine and then meeting a friend in the park is a weekly occurrence for me here in Montreal :) I can’t complain.

You can’t have a romantic picnic in the park without a dashing young lady, and luckily, Sylvia was up for the job! Not just a world champion bag piper, Sylvia's positive energy brought a fun energy to climax scene! A special thanks!

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