Long term gains from present moments

We’ve all heard the saying short term pain for longterm gain and are perhaps familiar with the childhood studies attempting to forecast future success – the marshmallow test. Kids who exhibit enough self control to resist eating a marshmallow for the promise of more marshmallows in the future are supposed to achieve more “success” in life. They get the white picket fence, the pool, the money and the honey.

A whole generation has been groomed on the promise of a future for the sacrifice of the present. Retirement plans, golfing and freedom 55 was the longterm gain for the short term pain of doing what you're told. Somewhere along the line this catchy phrase evolved and took on a life of it’s own. It began to sound something more like don’t listen to your gut, no ifs ands or buts.

If this is to be an age of innovation we’ll need different tools. Like a ninja cutting a brick in half, we’ll need to be focused and relaxed if  we want to reach beyond our potential. Do we really need to choose between a future and the present moment? Let’s relax a little and put short term pain for longterm gain on the back burner and try something else for a while.

I propose the following statement to balance it out and give us an alternative means of going forward:

Future gains from present moments

What about trying to be ourselves as much as possible, in every moment, and benefitting from that in future.

Happy creating!

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