Garage sale moving changeroom?

In the summer I bought a smoke machine at a garage sale for two bucks - awesome. The girl beside me had already bought the strobe light and had planned on getting the smoke machine too, but alas, she was too late. She looked a little disappointed.

As she was walking away I stopped her to let her know that she could have the smoke machine. I figured since she had the strobe she really needed the smoke machine to really have fun. She was super excited and we got to talking. She told me about her store and stylist company and I told her how I like to make cool stuff for cool people - and that's how it started. I met with her and her sidekick Andrew as they had a special project in mind for their high end fashion gallery, Trusst Club. They asked me if I could make a change room that could move up and down in the air....."of course I can and yes I want to".

I ended up using a garage door opener to lift the change room 8' up or down. The remote fits nicely on the belt so whenever someone needs to try on one of Trusst's latest fashions they just press the wireless button on their belt and voila, a changeroom. Fun!

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