Wait.... your laptop isn't dead, it lives.

Personally, I spend a lot of time in front of my computer - too much time. I get really excited about buying computer gear that looks nice, because I have to look at it all day ... sometimes all night. Apple has been leading the way for better product design and designers are starting to follow, which is great. Finally the geeks putting a little effort into the visual aesthetic of electronics. From time to time I do custom projects to improve the view at my computer desk. I decided to recycle my old Dell laptop by using it's internal hardrive to make an external back-up drive for my music production files.

With a little addition of some cow hide, a couple of rivets and a rather large hammer it's now making my computer desk feel a little more organic.

Taking an old hard drive out of your burned-out laptop is as easy as unscrewing two little screws. If you're getting rid of your laptop and the hard drive it still is working order, it can easily turned into a backup drive for your new computer. Everyone needs a backup drive!





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